Ours story

Just as every story begins somewhere, our story began 15 years ago from a professional encounter that grew into a friendship. We have been supporting each other, on the journey to creating a family and developing professionally. Our everyday work means analysis, numbers, and continuous communication.
In parallel, the dream of creative work has grown, the dream of making something with one’s own hands, the dream of something beautiful and meaningful, offering positive emotions. Somehow very naturally, this “own” idea that evolved was everything related to “family” and “home.”
We arrived from the idea to its realization in October 2017 when Alexandrina OÜ was born. The company creates and manufactures clothes for expectant mothers, babies and children, thus valuing THE MOST IMPORTANT – the family and celebrating new life. We want to support our customers on this wonderful journey.
Alexandrina is a responsible brand whose products are characterized by practical and comfortable design and high quality, and then by this important “something.” The fabric is selected carefully to meet the needs of the target group. Most of the fabric used is manufactured in Estonia, and the products are sewn in Estonia.  For babies, we use 100% organic cotton, and for expecting mothers, a blend of cotton elastane to ensure comfort and elasticity even for the most demanding customers. Every detail is well thought out.
We want to make our customer’s day brilliant and provide them with a high-quality product and positive emotions.

With the best wishes,

Your´s Alexandrina